It's all Theatre_LogoDaniel Skora has been reviewing theatre for a weekly entertainment newspaper for over 23 years. This site will continue in that tradition, offering reviews of theatrical productions in southeastern Michigan. In the process of earning a B.A. in English from the University of Michigan, it became obvious to him that words written by playwrights held as much power and drama as those written by poets and novelists. Courses in Greek Theatre, Restoration Drama, the Irish Playwrights, and the works of William Shakespeare showed that plays have their rightful place under the umbrella of literature. And when the written words of those playwrights become merged with the sound of the human voice, the inherent beauty of the English language is magnified, making live theatre a compelling rival for the joys and pleasure that reading confers on the imagination.

Why the title “it’s All Theatre”?
“Because the reviewing of theatrical productions will remain the main focus of the writings. But the stage has no monopoly on theatre. Everything we do, from what we say, to how we comport ourselves, to the places that make up the “sets” of our lives, unscripted as it all may be, is truly “all theatre”. We are actors, if we care to admit it or not. And it’s what makes up that other theatre, that theatre of life, that may eventually find its way into the blog as time progresses.”

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